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Monthly Archives: September 2012

8.25.12 R.I.P. Spaceman


8.24.12 Jelly Bean Devils

8.23.12 Does Cindy Mitchell like it like that?

8.18.12 Two album covers you MUST see if you never have. They will change your life!

8.17.12 Amazing Love

A big woops.

Just tell her she’s hot nerd. Geez.

Threesome talk with an old threesome flame

New Girl

8.5.12 Emily and I meet producer, Printz Board

8.3.12 Moved

Difficult Sluts

7.27.12 Threesome Pad (Free Bed)

7.26.12 Getting closer to the core

7.14.12 Snake Penis

Friday the Thirteenth (There’s blood in this one!)

7.7.12 My Friend Topher

7.06.12 Sometimes we party anyway (featuring Alan Franck)

7.5.12 A Stranger Guest