Comics about my life and mind during my Thirty-Fifth year of life.

Monthly Archives: October 2012

10.25.12 Halloween Greetings



10.24.12 The “Prince” of Comics


10.23.12 Nope


10.22.12 Big Night?


10.20.12 Back to normal


10.17.12 A night of drinking and fun described in a single image (I call it a moodscape)


10.16.12 A Vision of Jed I.


10.10.12 “Do you want to go to a strip club after this?”


10.9.12 A Drug Deal?


10.3.12 A bit of the surreal?


Here’s a bonus collaboration of Charlie Touvell and Myself

This comic is an alternate comic to 9.28.12 in which my friend Charlie has a massive hangover. I was unsatisfied with this version of Charlie so I practiced getting it right and re-did it. I went back and put the dialogue into this one to give it to Charlie as a little gift because he’s fond of humor of this kind. As am I. I gave it to him, he laughed, and then he colored it, and this is our beautiful collaboration.

10.2.12 My Friend Jed


9.27.12 and 9.28.12 Housewarming party stats and the star of the aftermath

9.26.12 Here’s a political cartoon


9.25.12 Heartbreak at Bikini Island


9.20.12 Dream Hitman


9.19.12 The Jerk-Off Box or the J.O. Box


9.18.12 Figuring things out


9.17.12 Twelve frames of hopeful delusions


9.11.12 Closer to the end