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11.24.12 The Genghis Con with a bunch of sweet Pittsburgh dudes

Here are some links to see what these guys do…

Max Wheeler:

Nate Mcdonough:

Daniel McCloskey:

Andy Scott:

Thom Delair:

11.23.12 The day after Thanksgiving and the day before that


For the love of many in strange worlds

11.22.12 Pancake and Brandy in “A Brandy Thanksgiving”


11.21.12 Death by Sushi

11.15.12 And now to honor the Snooze Button


11.14.12 Pests


11.13.12 Rock all night. Sleep all day. (Or at least half of a day.)


11.08.12 The Sword, Gypsy Hawk, and Eagle Claw

Play this song “Horned Goddess” by THE SWORD from their album AGE OF WINTERS, and read the comic below slowly and with the changes. I saw them play one Thursday night in Columbus Ohio¬† with Gypsy Hawk and Eagle Claw, and it was amazing.


Now enjoy the rest of this song and explore THE SWORD’S other music as well.

11.07.12 To each their own I guess…or, That guy should stop hanging out with them


11.06.12 Choices

The Pillar


Happy Birthday


10.26.12, 10.29.12, and 10.30.12 My Dog’s Final Days